One shoe can change your life.


One Shoe

can change your life.

I've always had an interesting attachment to shoes. And I am by no means a sneakerhead- I just really love new shoes. I think it all started when my siblings and I would spend the weekend staying with my Dad.  Which really meant staying with my grandmother because my Dad worked two full time 40-hour jobs along with overtime.  So when we were there he was mostly tired or working. Which was fine with me,  because that meant being able to spend time with my Grandmother.  Who's favorite thing to do for us was make us cheese eggs and toast or tuna fish sandwich with pickles (EXTRA PICKLES for me) When she wasn't cooking that meant time for shopping- she really enjoys the Mall. I never really cared much about having many different types of outfits as a kid. But when it came to sneakers for track and shoes for soccer that was a different story. She always spoiled us getting us thing we needed- I happened to always need sneakers because I never wore any socks.  


I still remember some of my most favorite shoes were my: Shell Top Adidas- Blue suede,  Saucony Originals- Bright orange, Nike Shox- Silver and Red, Nike Prestos- (omg, these every COLOR- including the water web ones)- I think the Red/ Bright Orange my favorite, Nike Classic Cortez- White with Silver Swoosh,  2002 Predator- Champagne Color (David Beckhams) then Michael Johnson Gold Track Spikes.


There was always something exciting about walking out of the store with a big box in your hand. You always wanted to put them on right away and show them off. I never stress too much about keeping them spotlessly clean while I wear them because I did find a really cool shoe cleaning product the other day. (RESHOEVN8R KITS) Plus I think I enjoy the process of an impulsive shoe shopping experience.  Online:  Stadium Goods, Eastbay,  Stores: Kith, Origins & Nike Apps: Laced (bidding)