One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.

I know most people don't start reflecting on the year that have past until right before New Years.  But I start doing this right around the the week before my birthday.  I always keep list of things I should accomplish weekly and monthly. But with a birthday coming I reassess all my goal that I set the previous year. I try not to get to discouraged as most are left unattained. For some of those I have accomplished weren't as rewarding as I thought would be.  As this year has been one of the mostly challenging, both physically and emotionally.  So as the 7 day count down starts to my Birthday.  This next years goals aren't so much about moving forward or achieving some great goal. It mostly to stand still and be where I am and make the most and the best of where I am. Build a foundation so that I can build upwards and not so much forward.

Yah Know, Get comfortable in the shoes Per se. 

Like as comfortable I am in these flat leather slides below.