Candy is Dandy but liquor is quicker.

In the spring I was approached to do a fun beverage program for a little place called Dylan's Candy Bar. Dylan Lauren the daughter the of Ralph Lauren is the CANDY QUEEN behind the brand. The flagship location right here in heart of NYC on 60th and Lexington, with other locations such as Downtown Chicago and Miami.

This menu was fun as it had endless direction's one could go to curate an amazing program. My idea  there for was to use candy garnishes that paired with great cocktails to create a marriage of experience between the both. So I played with classic like the Paloma pairing that with pink salt and the pink grapefruit wedge sugared gummy. Also doing the pup style old fashion, muddling in orange candies and cherries as another example. With a wide range of spirits from Michters Bourbon, Ritten House Rye to Avua Cachaça, Below are some examples of the cocktails you can find at the CANDY BAR.