The Revival


You can't continually make a comeback

but you can always be revived.

This past year I've done a lot of soul-searching, relating to energy spent on things.  So I stopped sharing and creating and concentrated a lot of time and effort into myself and my own physical goals. Learned to box and was determined to push myself in ways I never imagined. 

So I stopped going out, and I abruptly ended sharing my experiences with all of you.  I didn't feel motivated to document anything- and I barely even used my camera. But in the last month, I was able to have some heartfelt conversations about this blog and me just doing me.  My intentions with this were never anything other than sharing and documentation. I don't expect anyone to learn anything from the things I share and I never planned on being motivational for anyone that follows along.  So to my surprise, it was terrific to hear from some individuals that I had impacted their lifestyle choices in one way or another.  But a couple of those conversations had me thinking. Why did I stop and Why should I even start again? 

Why did I stop and Why should I even start again?

Why did I stop and Why should I even start again?

Because Why NOT!?

And I have to get back to me just being me! And I want to share who I am, with this Revival I hope to show people that it doesn't always have to be a comeback- they can be themselves and should be proud to share their journey.  

Even if there's no real substance behind it other than to share.